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Debit Card Management

Manage your debit card with ease using online or mobile banking.

Note: smsGuardian has been replaced by our new, in-app card management tool. Keeping reading for details.

How It Works:

Control your Eastern Michigan Bank Debit Mastercard from anywhere, anytime using your smartphone, laptop or PC. Login to online banking or open our app to:

  • Turn a card OFF if it has been lost or stolen
  • Set transactions to have a specific spending limit
  • Get an alert every time your card is used
  • Decline in-store or on-line transactions based upon your settings
  • Restrict purchases at specific types of stores and/or merchants
Choose from three different delivery methods -- in-app message (push notification), email or text.

No need to enroll or download a separate app. From the home screen of your online banking or mobile app, select Card Management, then click on the card you want set alerts for. Need help? Head to the Support page and Start a Conversation with a member of our staff.