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Additional Business Services

Works just like a check and is accepted anywhere you see the MasterCard® logo. All transactions are recorded on your monthly checking account statement.

Keep potential fraud at bay with our 24/7 text message alert service, smsGuardian.
Reduce the costs associated with paper-based transactions by conveniently using your PC to set up transactions electronically.
  • Manage payroll direct deposit and deductions
  • Collect receivables more quickly
  • Automatically set up your payments from customers and to vendors
In today’s marketplace, the ability to accept debit and credit cards is a must. Click here for more information on our merchant card services, including gift and loyalty card programs, or contact the Eastern Michigan Bank office nearest you.
Scan and electronically deposit your customers' checks without ever leaving the office, eliminating the need for frequent trips to the bank.
A specially designated post office box is provided for your customers' check payments. Your box's mail is then collected and deposited to your account daily, freeing your staff for other duties.
Our 24-Hour Customer Service line gives you immediate access to the information you need more often. You can quickly and easily:
  • Make account balance inquiries
  • Determine the last six transactions on your account
  • Transfer funds (completed application required)
  • Verify deposits as well as electronic funds or ATM transactions
  • Verify interest paid and earned information during tax time
To access, dial 1.800.644.8008.
Need to make a deposit after regular business hours? Night drop facilities are available at most locations. Contact the Eastern Michigan Bank branch nearest you for details.
Notary service is available at most Eastern Michigan Bank locations without an appointment and at no charge to Eastern Michigan Bank customers. Contact the branch nearest you to arrange a time.