A woman using a debit/credit card with mobile device

Lost/Stolen Card

Lost or Stolen Debit MasterCard®

If you use Eastern Michigan Bank's online or mobile banking, you can report your debit card lost or stolen immediately.

Online Banking

Log into your online banking account and choose ATM/Debit under the Options tab. Check the Lost/Stolen box next to the missing card number and press Submit to cancel your card.

Mobile Banking App

Select Manage Cards under Preferences in your mobile app.
Choose from Suspend Card or Report Lost or Stolen. If you choose Suspend Card, your card will be blocked from further transactions but can still be reactivated if you find it. The Report Lost or Stolen option cancels your card.
If you do report your card lost or stolen using online or mobile banking, please contact your local branch during regular business hours to order a new card.
Don't have online banking? During regular banking hours, please contact your local branch.
After hours or on weekends, please call our after hours Lost/Stolen line at 888.297.3416.

  • You should also contact us immediately if you believe that:
  • Your debit card PIN has been compromised
  • Your online banking access information has been compromised
  • A transfer has been made using information from your checking account without permission

Lost or Stolen Visa® Credit Card

If you believe your Visa® Credit Card has been lost or stolen, please contact 24-Hour Cardmember Service by calling 800.558.3424

Customer Service Representatives are on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.