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NMLS Registered Mortgage Loan Originators

The primary objective of the Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act (SAFE Act) is to protect consumers and reduce fraud by creating a set of standards that mortgage loan originators must meet in order to work in the mortgage industry. One requirement of the Act is that the Bank and all mortgage loan originators must register with the National Mortgage Licensing System or NMLS. Eastern Michigan Bank's institution ID is # 513935

It is the policy of Eastern Michigan Bank to require all of its employees who engage in the origination of consumer purpose mortgage loans, including home equity loans and lines of credit, to maintain in good standing an active registration on the NMLS. Below is the Bank’s listing of NMLS Registered Loan Originators with NMLS ID numbers which you may use to obtain loan originator information through the NMLS Consumer Access website.

Stefanie M. Abbott, AVP, Branch Manager, NMLS # 528507
Christi A. Agostino-Erd, AVP, Mortgage Loan Officer, NMLS # 528508 
Scott R. Badley, VP, Commercial Loan Officer, NMLS # 1790878
David R. Baker, Branch Manager, NMLS # 1972522
Skye C. Bolsby, Assistant Branch Manager, NMLS #1816734
Kimberly C. Bowman, VP, Retail Banking Manager, NMLS # 777082
Jennifer M. Briolat, Branch Manager, NMLS # 1653623
Barry L. Catherines, Assistant Branch Manager, NMLS # 1433014
Trishette L. Davis, Branch Manager, NMLS # 1487445
Chad W. Deaner, SVP, Senior Lending Officer, NMLS # 1487429
Christopher M. Flann, VP, Commercial Loan Officer, NMLS # 1135011
Rachel L. Galbraith, Commercial Loan Officer, NMLS # 1125954
Lisa A. Hatch, Assistant Branch Manager, NMLS # 777072
Gerald D. Hepfer, VP, Commercial Loan Officer, NMLS # 1132451
Tracy L. Jackson-Wedge, Branch Manager, NMLS # 840814
Diane F. Johnson, Assistant Branch Manager, NMLS # 1828794
Jessica S. Simon, VP, Commercial Loan Manager, NMLS # 1709770 
Alexander J. Messing, AVP, Commercial Lender, NMLS # 1532683
Amanda L. Mosher, Retail Lending Specialist, Senior Underwriter, NMLS # 1088742
Noelle C. Mosier, Assistant Branch Manager, NMLS #1285490
L. Michael O'Vell, VP, Consumer Loan Manager, NMLS # 528522
Kathleen M. Saelens, Assistant Branch Manager, NMLS # 301260
Jennifer L. Sampier, Assistant Branch Manager, NMLS # 1799931
Kim M. Stencel, AVP, Branch Manager, NMLS # 777089 
Elizabeth A. Symon, Assistant Branch Manager, NMLS # 426171
Kathleen M. Wurmlinger, VP, Mortgage Loan Manager, NMLS # 481049